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The  maritime  industry has a great variety in development, approaches, ideas, competitions within different organizations . It is offering jobs for many employees, entrepreneurs and self employed consultants with an even greater variety in skills.

Skills and personality that suits an organisation, global orientated & an eye for cultural differences.

A self employed consultant could be valuable to your organization to cover for example unexpected lack of manpower or temporary requirement for certain skills. You might first look among existing contacts known by employees, recruitment firms or perhaps networks like LinkedIn or simply Google over the internet.

The flyer, as part of the website of Frank Rademaker Consultant, is summarizing different projects and jobs completed since 2005.

Key words for 2018 are: superintendency for dry dock periods, reactivation of laid up vessels & scouting for vessels/facilities in Africa.

In the download page the following documents are available

  • privacy policy;
  • guidelines for registration of a merchant vessel at Bahamas & Malaysia.